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Appetizers, sides, sauces, condiments

Desserts and drinks


Pork schnitzel with German potato salad

Grilled lemony swai with brown rice and broccoli

Fish tacos

Homemade sage sausage stuffing

Slow cooker corned beef and cabbage with beer, cider and mustard

Thai stir-fried pork with mixed vegetables

Slow cooker Beef Bourguignon (stew)

Green Chile Stew with Bacon

Spam Musubi

New Mexican style Kung Pao Chicken

Bánh mì sandwich

One-pan baked yellow curry chicken thighs

Rice bowls

Spam, rice and eggs

Chicken Piccata

Wheeler’s Thai Barbecued Chicken

Wheeler’s grilled chile rellenos

Spaghetti squash (or rice noodle) Pad Thai

Corned beef hash breakfast burrito

(Electric) pressure cooker chicken noodle soup

Blackened, grilled catfish fillets


Appetizers, sides, sauces, condiments

German potato salad (Swabian) made with vinegar, broth and oil

Goes-with-everything hummus

Cauliflower roasted with salt, pepper, olive oil

Zucchini fritters

Ugly beans


Wheeler’s Dill-icious Tzatziki


Make ahead turkey giblet gravy

Port-infused gravy

Mexican-style grilled corn

Sushi rice in a rice cooker

Bacon Brussels sprouts

Quickly pickled daikon radish and carrots, as used in the Bánh mì sandwich

Spicy cranberry relish

Roasted coconut carrot salad

Spicy roasted cumin carrots

Secret spicy sauce


Drinks and desserts



German-slaying oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Lee Ann’s Lemon Bars

Befuddled Brownies


Apple raspberry cobbler crisp

Cobbled pumpkin pie

Pumpkin dump cake

Double-sided apple crisp

Boozy apple crisp

Frozen key lime pie

Coconut ladoos, or balls (laddus, or laddoos)

Apple crumb cake

Wheeler’s peanut butter cookies

Lime and coconut blondies


Glühwein (Hot mulled wine)


Ginger beer shandy

Sparkling wine cranberry cocktail

Holiday Mule

Jo Anne Garret’s Margaritas

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