Grilled Swai with brown rice and lemony broccoli

Original article: Swai: grilled confusion fish


• 1 Swai fillet
• 1 head broccoli
• 1 serving rice (brown, white, purple, black, forbidden or otherwise.)
• Lemon pepper
• 2+ tablespoons lemon juice
• Pepper
• Salt
• Olive oil


1. Pour lemon juice on swai fillet. Apply lemon pepper, pepper, other spices as desired, liberally to both sides of the fillet. Put a few drops of olive oil on each side of the fillet.

2. Cut up head of broccoli into size desired. Throw (not too hard; this isn’t baseball) the cut-up broccoli into the skillet, pour a bit of lemon juice on, adjust to medium-high heat until juice evaporates. Stir the broccoli until done: browned on a few sides. Add a dash of soy sauce if desired.

3. Put swai fillet on grill, preferably on a colder spot if the grill has one. (Each grill is different: mine has a decently cold spot, and then the rest of the grill just burns everything.) If the exposed side is lacking in the spices, add a little bit again. Three minutes later, flip. Three minutes later, take off the grill, divide the fillet depending on size and hunger levels.

4. Plate: rice, broccoli, swai. Drink: wine, or beer, or anything you desire. It’s your dinner, not mine.

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