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Fish tacos! Photo by Matt Unrau

My name is Wheeler Cowperthwaite.

I’m a Journalist. Photographer. Mensch.

I’m the courts reporter for the Cape Cod Times in Hyannis, Massachusetts and I’m the former cops and courts reporter for the Rio Grande SUN in Española, New Mexico.

I write food columns and make videos about cooking. In addition to the food columns, I write a blog about food, journalism, travel and other things, called “Put some cilantro on it!”

All of the pictures on the website and on the blog, assuming I took them, are both available to download from my Flickr profile (usually in a higher-quality format) and free to use: I use an attribution-only Creative Commons license. Use them, so long as you attribute me/link to the work. I appreciate, too, if one who uses them sends me an email/link. Just appreciate, though.

My cooking YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/CookingWithWheeler.

I used homebrew; we were Fat Grey Tom’s Cider.

I’m also the former treasurer for the New Mexico chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Feel free to contact me at cowperthwaite@gmail.com or follow me on twitter, @WheelerReporter or @wcowperthwaite.

I speak German (passable fluency) and have an affinity for both the signature East German mustard, Bautz’ner Senf (mittlescharf) and German wine.