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Being a newspaper reporter, I believe in sharing content, so long as it’s not breaking news. I have personally adapted or developed these recipes and the columns that appear on this website are original to the website and I am the copyright owner. The same goes for the videos and pictures.

All of the content — the videos and the columns — is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-Only license (CC BY 4.0).

The recipes, according to most case law, cannot be copyrighted, and if a copyright status is required, it is the CC BY 4.0 (see above).

That means, you can take this content and use it somewhere else, so long as I am credited as the creator.

If you need higher quality photos or different ones than appear here, you can either email me or go to my Flickr account.

If you use one of my recipes in a different medium (publish it), or adapt it and publish that adaption, all I ask is for by or adapted from attribution, as suggested by the Associated Press Style Book.

If you do use one of the columns or recipes, if you would send me a link, that’d be cool, too.

Happy usage!

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